Aviation Experience

Florida Aviation Counsel, LLP, is a law firm founded by Brian Hill to provide a unique combination of legal and aviation experience.

Brian's 30-year aviation career began in college at the University of Florida when he volunteered for the Naval Aviation Reserve Officer Training program. He attended the Navy's Officer Training Course during the summer of his junior year in college and was commissioned shortly after graduation. He received his Navy wings in 1970. By that time, he was qualified in the T- 34 Mentor, a Beechcraft airplane; the T-28 Trojan; the TH-57 Jet Ranger, a Bell Helicopter; and the H-1 Huey.

Assigned to San Diego, he qualified as an aircraft commander in the H-3 Sikorsky Sea King twin-engine helicopter. He later flew search-and-rescue missions off the aircraft carrier Ticonderoga in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of Vietnam.

At the end of his Navy tour, Brian started law school at the University of Florida. He continued his flight career by joining the Florida National Guard and flying the H-1 Huey and the TH-57 Jet Ranger.

After graduating from law school, Brian kept flying in civilian aircraft. He has owned and operated a number of civilian aircraft and has amassed more than 5,000 hours of flight time. He currently holds a commercial license with an instrument rating.

Assisting Brian on the technical aviation aspect of the firm’s cases is Ken Doucette. Ken has been working in the aviation field for over 30 years. Ken was a career Army pilot where he earned the designation of Master Army Aviator. Ken retired from the Army as a Lt. Coronel.

While in the Army Ken flew all of the Army's Bell helicopters, including the TH-58, the UH-1, and the Cobra. Ken was designated as an instructor pilot in a number of these aircraft.

After his retirement, Ken worked for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in the Universitys flight department. He rose to the position of chief flight instructor for the University. In this job, Ken had the responsibility of training over 1,000 student pilots.

Ken resigned as the chief flight instructor of the University in 2005 and became a consultant to Florida Aviation Counsel. In addition to his work with the firm, Ken continues to fly as a corporate pilot.

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