Our Firm's Philosophy

Brian Hill has been practicing law in Central Florida since 1975. He has been a shareholder in a major commercial-law firm and a principal, founding attorney in a mid-sized litigation firm. He now works in his own firm on cases that deal with aviation and other complex accidents. Over the years, Mr. Hill has developed a definite philosophy about what his clients can expect from his trial team:

First and foremost, the clients of Florida Aviation Counsel can expect a trial team that is completely committed to the client's case. When Florida Aviation Counsel signs onto a case, it is pursued with the same attention, vigor and thoroughness we would apply to a case for our own family. It's personal. The only consideration is making a reasonable recovery for the client.

Every client of Florida Aviation Counsel will be treated with respect and dignity. No client is kept waiting at this law firm. Every client is kept informed of every important matter affecting his or her case. No significant decision is made without the client's approval.

Representation by Florida Aviation Counsel goes beyond competent, aggressive legal work. Every client can expect to be treated individually with concern for individual needs. There is no "cookie cutter" approach to this type of work. We work closely with our clients to discover how aviation accidents have affected them.

We recognize that any lawsuit is, in the final analysis, about our clients. We also realize that litigation is stressful. We do whatever we can to relieve our clients of as much stress as possible.

This philosophy has been developed over 30 years of practice. Each client can expect his or her case to be handled in this manner.