Ten Reasons to Choose Florida Aviation Counsel

1. Aviation Experience. We have handled virtually every type of aviation matter, including pilot negligence, controller negligence, manufacturing defects, maintenance errors and the theft of multi-million-dollar aircraft. We can quickly determine what needs to be done after an incident and assemble the right team of experts to make sure your interests are protected.

2. Legal Experience. Mr. Hill has been practicing law for more than 30 years. He is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer who is rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating for ability and legal ethics. He has handled numerous trials and appellate matters at both the state and federal level.

3. Fiscal Responsibility. One of the most important aspects of any aviation case is the ability of the injured party’s lawyer to retain and pay quality experts. Mr. Hill has retained aviation authors, astronauts, university-medical professors, marketing professors, master-flight instructors, corporate-flight instructors, radar experts and other highly qualified professionals to assist in his cases. Florida Aviation Counsel has the financial ability to organize an expert team to make certain that your case is prepared and presented with the same – or higher - quality of experts as those hired by the insurance company.

4. Personal Approach to your case. Florida Aviation Counsel is a small firm that mainly focuses on aviation law. Larger firms offer layers of lawyers and paralegals working on different aspects of your case, often making quick and creative decision making difficult. In our firm, you will have direct access to the decision makers on your case. They  will not have to confer with others to determine the status of your case. Our firm prides itself on its personal relationship with clients, and its ability to react quickly to changes that occur in every claim.

5. Florida Experience. There are many out-of-state law firms willing to handle aviation cases. From our experience representing some of the largest aviation corporations in America, weknow that defendants almost always hire a Florida lawyer to handle a Florida claim. If theselarge corporations are hiring Florida aviation lawyers, shouldn’t you do the same?

6. Genuine Concern for our Clients. An aviation accident generally involves catastrophic damages, and clients are searching for a lawyer at an extremely stressful time. We understand that at this time of need our clients are looking for more than just how to start an aviation investigation. They are looking for people of compassion who are truly interested in the client as a person. We accept that responsibility and embrace working with our clients for all of their needs during this critical time.

7. Team Building. An aviation accident may involve many different defendants. Each of these separate claims must be analyzed and decisions must be made early to determine which claims have a reasonable possibility of being successful. We can review the preliminary report of the National Transportation Safety Board and quickly put together the team of experts andlawyers who will have the best chance of successfully resolving your claim. We do not have to hire experts to tell us what the case is about. Because of our experience and expertise, we hire only the experts who are actually needed for your case.

8. Contingency Fee. Like most aviation law firms, Florida Aviation Counsel normally works on a contingency-fee contract. Clients pay no fees unless a recovery is made for them. The percentage amount of the contingency fee is based on the type of claim and the difficulty of making a recovery. We are willing to discuss the percentage of the contingency at the start of the case.

9. Costs. If we are not successful in making a recovery for you, you are not responsible for any of the costs incurred in making the claim. If you are successful, however, you will be responsible for the costs. We understand that even though you are not paying these costs as they come due, they are very important to you. We spend only the money that must be spent to get the job done. We carefully monitor and control all expenses. We do not travel lavishly or spend money needlessly.

10. Nationwide Experience. While Florida Aviation Counsel is a Florida aviation firm, we have national and international experience. We have contacts with other aviation lawyers and are able to form teams when necessary. All of this is done under the contract that you initially sign with Florida Aviation Counsel and does not result in an increased attorneys’ fees.