Law Firm Partnering

Florida Aviation Counsel was created to encourage attorneys from different firms to work together as a unified team on complex aviation matters. Over the years, Mr. Hill has seen the evolution of “law firm partnering” in his aviation work. This is when two or more law firms work together to pursue a claim for a single client. It’s a pooling of talent and resources to present the strongest and most effective case for the client.

Law firm partnering goes beyond the traditional concept of lawyer referrals, Under the old concept, an attorney would send a client to an aviation firm and have little or nothing to do with the case until the matter was resolved. It was difficult for the referring attorney to stay in touch with the client and the case. A common complaint of the referring attorney was that regardless of the outcome, he or she lost a client.

In law firm partnering, there is no referring attorney. The attorney who is retained by the client remains the primary attorney. That attorney then retains other attorneys from other firms who can bring special experience to the case. The combined legal team then shares the risks and the rewards of any recovery. The attorneys decide among themselves how the costs of litigation will be split and how any contingence fee will be divided.

Currently, Mr. Hill is partnering with major aviation firms in New York and Texas. These associations often result in long-lasting professional and personal relationships that only enhance a client’s case.

Law firm partnering with Florida Aviation Counsel assures the client receives the best work and experience from all involved lawyers in a complex aviation case.

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